Lifesaving kicks off at Karekare


Lifesaving kicks off at Karekare

Labour Weekend saw the opening of the Lifesaving season at Karekare with Patrol 1 completing the 3 day Labour weekend patrol.

It will be a challenging season for the team with the surf club under construction. The team will be operating out of containers stored at a local property. This will pose some difficulties as the vehicles need to move through the traffic down Karekare Road and through the at times congested carpark. However our team are up for the challenge! Special thanks to our sponsor TSB who has donated $11,000 to the club for the purchase of a powered container that we will be able to use to store our vehicle, IRB and radios for operation. Thank you to our other sponsors including BP who have a long relationship with SLSNZ.

As New Zealanders enjoy their ‘Staycations’ this summer we have already seen record crowds over the winter months so we are are preparing for a busy season.

The patrols will operate at Karekare on all weekends and public holidays from Labour Weekend through to Easter. Hours of patrol are 11am – 4pm October, November, March and April. 11am – 5pm December, January and February.

Thanks to our wonderful callout squad who continue to be available outside of these hours. These are a dedicated group of local members who respond at the ‘drop of a hat’ to respond to any emergencies and searches in the local vicinity.

We look forward to seeing you at Karekare over the summer. Remember to bring your shoes – the sand is hot, sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water – no shops here!

And most importantly always swim between the flags and we do not recommend swimming when there is no patrol in operation. Karekare has some very dangerous rips and holes and even a seasoned swimmer can get into trouble easily.

See you this summer!

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